Med Center Health 10K Classic

The Medical Center 10K Classic Race Photos



For the 5th year, runners will have an opportunity to participate in a local race series, the bg3. The bg3 consists of three events: the Lions Club Run For Sight 5K on September 2, Med Center Health 10K Classic (10K only) on September 21 and the bg26.2 (half or full marathon) on November 3. If you run all three events, you will receive a bg3 medal.

Registration for the bg3 is now open. To register, click on the links below. Find each race on the calendar based on the event date. The link will connect you to each individual race registration.

The bg26.2 is a Boston Qualifier. The minimum age requirement for the marathon is 16 years old and the half marathon minimum age is 12. Accept the challenge, and sign up to run the bg3.

Run for Sight 5K

Med Center Health 10K Classic (10K only)

Bg26.2 half or full marathon