Med Center Health 10K Classic

October 24, 2020

Race Day Countdown
The Medical Center 10K Classic Race Photos

10K Start

The 10K will start on Avenue of Champions near L.T. Smith Stadium. Participants in the 10K should begin to assemble at the Start Line, at 8:00 am. Seeders will place you on the starting line based upon your expected 10K running pace. Seeders will have signs that indicate the number of minutes that, on the average, a runner expects to run each mile.

For example, if you expect to run the 10K in 40 minutes, then line up behind the seeder at the start with the sign that shows "6 Minutes."

For the safety of all runners, please do not line up ahead of your realistic pace. Such action will impede the faster runners and also can cause a safety hazard. For liability reasons, we ask that there be no strollers, pets or use of headsets on the course.